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yamamoto_ichigo's Journal

20 December
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I am a girl half Korean half british XD i study japanese aswell as being part of a girls rhythmic gymnast team, i have two awesome friends who are in a band good for them they look out for me, im the eldest of 6 children there is alot of people in my family but it is fun there are down time but the good times make up for it.
My Real name: Heajoong Kim (found out my real name is Korean from my father's side he being South Korean)
who do i love truly: hmm Changmin Choikang Shim.
i love to eat sweets {not as in the candy but as in pastries and cakes} im amazed at how much of the stuff i can eat and still keep it off XD
im kinda creative i write alot of Fanfics some can get pretty messy with the hot stuff but its fun XD please go view my new site Http://heavenlyfanfics.wordpress.com/

Lunapic Photo Editing

Lunapic Photo Editing